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March 26 2016


Great Hair Is Real Hair

Any time you look at an add for hair products, whether it is shampoo, conditioner, a brush, a curling iron, or other product, you know what the central focus of the ad is. It's the hair. In magazines, the internet, or on TV, the hair is perfect: long, luxurious, shiny, and utterly beautiful. It has no split ends whatsoever. When the model moves her head in any direction, the hair flows and moves in just the right ways. It frames the face beautifully. Most of all, it looks utterly healthy and real. How can people have hair like that?

The truth is, most of these models do not have great hair. There are an abundance of camera tricks and filters, not to mention digital manipulation, that contribute to the illusion. To get the shine, they often put temporary chemical in the hair that were never meant to be used for that part of the body. In the long term, it damage the model's hair severely. Still, if you could have it without all the tricks and risks, you want hair like that.

Surprisingly, you can have great, healthy hair that looks like that, in the form of hair extensions. Far from being another trick, weaves are made from real hair that is much like yours in color, thickness, and consistency. The only difference between your own hair and your weave is that the latter needs a bit more maintenance. The list below will walk you through the different types of weaves and how they work. It will also provide you with a few maintenance tips.

There are several varieties of weaves. These include curly weaves, the brazilian weave, and wavy, frizzy, kinky curly, curly, big, and straight weaves. These are the styles that occur naturally with the hair's original head. You will therefor get a authentic-looking weave, simply because you a getting natural hair.

Southeast Asia, Brazil, Africa, and India are among the many exotic places where the hair is obtained. The best weave hairstyles are called "virgin hair" or "remy hair." These have never been colored, treated, cut, or blow dried.

A little more maintenance is required for a weave than your own hair. Most important is the selection of the weave. It should be sturdy and strong. You should know its source.

Always detangle weave hair by combing or brushing it from the bottom up. This keeps you from pulling on the source of the extension, thereby damaging the weave and your own hair.

Washing your hair regularly is always advised. With a weave, you should wash it a little more frequently. Shampoo and rinse above and from the underside. Dry thoroughly.

An excellent weave is an authentic-looking weave. It should look and feel like it is a part of your own hair. With careful maintenance, you can maintain a weave for between 6 months and a year, if you so desire.
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